Friday, October 31, 2008

Now and before...

I ve just read che det's blog on university of petronas.i ve never been to UTP or see on pictures but his lengthy description of the campus, its landscape, buildings n other aesthetic beauty attracts my utmost interest..wish i could see d campus myself. Those selected 500 students out of 2000 applications are the lucky lots n what more... most of them are scholarship holders of petroluem giants!That means they don't have to worry about fees, accomodation and even pocket money.And the best part of it, jobs are guaranteed.So, i guess they should be grateful to use the money invested on them wisely and to the fullest.As che det's wish.. they should even help their almamater once they ve started earnings.

However, the scenario that i see among these college students or even the younger ones at the boarding schools is very different and do not meet our hopes and expectation.These students are on sponsorship and d money of course comes from taxes and country's revenues.The reality is very surprising.

Once i visited my daughter at one of the boarding schools.Before this my daughter has been complaining on why she did not get any scholarship compared to her friends who are richer n more well off than her.She is awarded only rm 500 a year from the military which i ve to make sure it goes only to her saving .On that day while we were talking at the canteen, one of her friends poped in.At the same time her hands were busy messaging on her brand new handset.After acknowledging me, she walked away..then only my daughter told me that her friend had just bought that RM 600 handphone with her .. my ..i was shocked..this girl who barely reached 13 years old just know how to use d money which is meant for her education. Of course i was mad n furious to hear that. I am one of d tax payers and here she is wasting away MY money!!
This is only a story of a 13-year old girl.What about those at the colleges and universities..they sure "KNOW" better how to use the government's aid.

This reminded me of those days in varsity..we didnt have such luxuries.Of course, i didnt belong to handphone or laptop era, infact to own an electric type writer was a bless..we had to live on a tight budget to buy one, it was considered a luxury. Otherwise we had to queue at the language lab to type our assignments or borrowed from friends who owned one..

However,its a different case nowdays.They step into a university with a "must have things list" ..a handset,laptop,motorbike and for some a kancil..They will be roaming around in either their motorbike or a full load kancil.I m talking no nonsense , i know this since i m staying in a neighourhood of a polytechnic.At lunch you have to be extra careful, they will be racing with us as if they are the only people who pay the road tax.

Sometimes i wonder why cant they practise a healthy lifestyle.. stop and walk and smell all the roses and the grasses aroundAfter all their campus is within reach.I used to walk those days and i enjoyed it .Though there was campus bus service,it was the only option we took on cold winter days.Otherwise, be it the hot summer, or refreshing spring morning or depressing autumn evening, we d walk.It gave me time to sort my mind , to think and wonder, to analyse and to plan my day...

So for the 13 year- old girl just now, the teacher has to do something, well the teacher again..After all she is still in the formative years.Teacher in charge has to know how much money is drawn, where it goes to and what things they buy and of course the proof .It s a tedious job but
but if you can do, you ve done your responsibility well! Give a pat on your shoulder..