Monday, October 11, 2010


I had been having back pain for days.Finding remedies was not easy.Sleeping on the heated mattress,using the traditional "minyak panas" and even stop eating food that could cause wind in the name it,still the pain was biting me unbearably.
Finally, I decided to look for some pain killers...A friend of mine brought me to some old clinic.Looking at its physical state ( even the clinic was spelt as "Kelinik"),I didnt put much hope on it.
Till now I am trying to figure out the cause of my back ache..
Maybe I ve been driving for 50 km everyday for the past 3 weeks..
or it might be due to the countless steps and a few slopes that I have to mount everyday at my new work place..
or it could be due to the weight from my laptop which I ve to carry on my back to classes
or now my classes are all spread out ,so I have to walk all around the campus..
or pssttt....age factor????

Anyway, the pills prescribed by the Kelinik work back is back to least for now..
So, next time don't judge a book by its cover!