Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Congratulations boys!

The tune 'I lay my love ' from my handset disturbed my afternoon nap.Still tired and dizzy from the hectic day at school, I grabbed my phone and answered the call.It was my son,Along, calling from Muar, to inform me that he was going into the finals in rugby tournament this afternoon.
What else could I say, except all the best Along and give your best shot.He and his team had been training for months,moving from the east coast to the north and now in the south for the finals.
As I ve mentioned in the previous post, the director of MARA insisted on taking up the challenge from the director of SBP to have students of both parties competing in rugby and also to prove that the MRSM boarders are not ayam daging.As for that, the students had to sacrifice their classes,study hours,pocket money(as they were given rm 42 only for two weeks) and a few other things to achieve the mission.In fact, the parents were called up by the director himself to be given further explanation on this matter.

All your hard work pays boys!Congratulations..the four teams went to the finals this afternoon were three MARA teams from north,east and south zones and Kolej Yayasan Saad.All the teams from SBP like Royal Military College and a few science and premier schools failed to enter the finals.

At 8:00 pm just now Along called me up to inform that his team secures the second place and the proud champion goes to MARA south zone.

So mission accomplished for the MARA boys including the director.Good work boys and surely all of you deserve something better than that rm 42!

For Along, have a safe journey back to your college tomorrow and mommy dearest will see you this weekend...

Get back and catch up with your studies Along.It s 142 days to your SPM!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Handbags..handbags..and more handbags.

I may have a big problem here.I really,really love handbags.Bags of any kind,any shape,any colour,any material and any brand.But one soothing thing I am not a branded kind of person,if not I would say half of my salary will go to handbags.

My collection of bags...

I have handbags all over my room.I put them on the cupboard, on the dresser,at the side of my bed,on my study table..everywhere.This will make it easier for me to change my handbag every morning before leaving for work.

So, this weekend since there isnt so much things, both in my hands and on my mind(since hubby isnt coming back,angah is at her hostel,along going for rugby training in Penang,big baby is attending motivation camp,so leaving only me and Ifah at home), I gather all my handbags from every corner of my house and start to dust,wipe,polish and clean them inside out.Macam-macam lah khazanah jumpa..

I ve only a few branded ones..tapi tak de lah sampai beribu harganya...tak mampu.

I love pink handbags...look so feminine.

Just very ordinary type of bags,after all I am a very ordinary person...I don't go for any particular brands.Anything will do,as long as dah berkenan..

My collection of dinner bags...

Even straw bags get my attention...Kalau dah nama perempuan,any beautiful things will surely catch her eyes!
If I ever go shopping,my kids will be very worried if there is a handbag sale.Mommy dearest will surely stop at least for a few minutes,picking,trying and tossing the bags.Looking very bored and probably fed up,they ll just wait obediently for me to choose.Kalau I tanya cantik tak yang ni,and they will quickly say yes before I actually finish asking.

Surprisingly, those handbags will only have a few pairs of shoes to match with.One thing for sure I am not Imelda Marcos.I seldom buy shoes.If I ever bought one and it is comfortable I would use the pair for years.If not I just chuck it back in the box and it will remain there . I need a comfortable pair since the nature of my work requires me to stand at the very least 3 hours a day.Of course you can't teach while sitting down..bukan nak mengaji kitab,that what my boss would say if she ever finds any teacher sitting while teaching.
So, I dont know when I can and will stop this not so very economical habit(especially with the economic turn down).I guess at this age of mine I should stop window shopping for handbags,comparing the prices and materials.. etc..etc.Instead it is time for me to compare which supplement is the best for my body,(after all I ve had one cyst removal and I am not getting any healthier),look for calorie chart instead of a discounted price chart and start thinking of my cholesterol level instead of which handbag goes with which baju.But ..well, old habit dies hard.I will try but I am not expecting a tremendous change.Afterall, I am a woman...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mak Ya ...in loving memory.

Allahyarhamah Siti Doria Sapeh bt Puteh telah selamat dikebumikan pada pukul 1:00 tghari,16 Jun 2009.Majlis pengkebumian berjalan dengan cepat,lancar dan tanpa sebarang halangan.
The crowd of mourners who came to pay their last respect was overwhelming.She must have been one amazing,wonderful and kind-hearted being throughout her life.Even her Chinese and Indian friends grieved and wiped their silent tears.
Mak Ya...you will be deeply missed by beloved family and countless friends.Our love for you will remain and the moments with you will forever be cherished and treasured.
May Allah grant you an eternal rest....

She was my closest aunt..a person (after my mom)whom I would seek for if I had any problem...a place for me to 'dump' my children whenever I had to go far,either for a pilgrimage,holidays or functions.She was the most selfless and generous person who would never turn down any of my request.If there were a person who would teach me to learn to give without expecting anything in return ,it would be her.I know sometimes I took her for granted..please forgive me Mak Ya.
If ever I craved for any dishes,she would cook for me.In fact, she was a good cook.Her Nasi Beryani was well-known in her neighbourhood that she would receive order after order especially during Chinese New Year or weddings.Not that she was business minded but she just could not turn down the request from friends and neighbours.
I could not remember how and why I got so closed to her.I guess when I was small I spent most of my time at home with her when my mom was at work,so that in a way made us closer.She would cook,wash for my family besides babysit us, the kids.I remember every night whenever we were watching TV , I would put my head on her lap and she would caress my hair.She would never complained,never grumbled.
Then we grew up,she got married.But whenever summer holidays and I was back in Malaysia,I would spend most of my time at her place.She never breathed a word of having extra mouth to feed...That was my Mak Ya.
Hers was the place where you could jump out of a band wagon and landed on it at any time of the day or night and found home-cooked food on the table.Being such a gracious and accommodating hostess to all her nieces and nephews,her house would always be the place for us to gather and meet.Whenever we entered her kitchen, there would always be something brewing on the stove.We would never get hungry!Whenever her nieces or nephews from kampung were looking for jobs, hers would be a transit place until we were able to secure one.She had the biggest and warmest heart who would offer a helping hand to anybody in distress.
I know I haven't done much for her.But I am glad at least she managed to sample a bit of luxury before she left us.

Mak Ya or her real name was Siti Doria Sapeh bt Puteh..was named by a great man,the former Menteri Besar Johor, Allahyarham Tan Sri Othman Saat.At that time my late grandfather was a good friend to him.We do not know if there is any special meaning behind the name.

Mak Ya...your name will forever be engraved in my heart and I would never ever forget what you had done to us.

Al Fatihah...for my Mak Ya, who passed away peacefully at 3:00 am this morning (16 June 2009) at the age of 58,after suffering from pancreas cancer.May she rest in peace,may her soul be placed among the good and the pious.Amin...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mission half accomplished.

The thought of 'balik kampung' seems to bring joy to almost everybody but the thought of a long journey one has to endure is quite sickening.On Saturday, 30 th May, yours truly and the clan started the journey back to Muar,Johor.The journey was quite uneventful, with only greeneries, undulating hills and plantations after plantations to feast our eyes on.There was no massive traffic jams and everything was smoothly run.I had rounds and rounds of sleep,letting my other half to do the driving alone.

We reached our kampung at 12:30 midnight, after stopping for a while in Segamat to have our supper of satay.Although it was already midnight and some in semi-conscious state, the five of us could still walloped 40 sticks of satay plus the 'ketupat'.

When we reached my parents' house ,everybody was fast asleep.Luckily they had prepared the mattresses for us.So, we jumped on it without much thought, stretching our tiring and aching body.

A stretch of road leading towards my kampung.

Passing the green paddy fields soothing to the eyes..

The next day my other half started to continue with his unfinished mission,the bushes that need to be cleared

and burnt....A lot of hard work here but if one has the interest in farming,it is one satisfying job..

Oil palm trees just taken from the nursery and to be planted once the clearing is done and the land is ready.

Mat Kojai, my other half 's 'Yes man'..a very loyal chap.

The land is ready for plantation

With the help from Mat Kojai and big baby, my other half managed to plant 200 oil palm trees this holiday.300 trees already planted prior to this.Along, you escape from the hard work!

Newly planted.Hopefully the trees would not be destroyed by the monkeys which roam freely around the area

While the father was busy with the planting mission,my children took the opportunity to visit the historical city,Malacca,accompanied by their aunt and uncle..

Visiting the crocodile farm.Our friend here is waiting for just anything to NGAP.....

Look at this..would you dare to do this action???

Not forgetting Eye-On-Malaysia.Kids..where are you?

Big baby is having a great time with cousin..Bob

Daughter,Angah taking a boat ride at Kampung Morten..the water was smelly though

Posing in Melaka Museum.Bob,angah,sisterAda and big baby..

On our last night , we had dinner at Sabak Awor,on the bank of Sungai Muar.I would recommend this place to any sea -food lovers who happen to be in the area.The food is good yet the price is sooo.. reasonable.We had steamed siakap,sweet sour siakap,grilled Jenahak,grilled pari,buttered squids,fried prawns and kailan ikan masin.For those sumptuous meal we paid only RM 140.

Hey..where s the fish?The cat must have stolen it!!

Before leaving my hometown I managed to buy fabrics in Tangkak for 'baju raya and later we stopped over at University Hospital to visit my aunt.
On 5th June we were back in KB, after spending a week in kampung.I thought of just spending the rest of the holiday at home doing gardening,marking papers,spring cleaning etc but the Almighty has planned something else for HIS servant.
On 7 th June I went to Hospital Pakar Perdana in KB to have a breast examinationThe doctor detected a small lump, could be a cyst.Ultra sound was carried out and the lump was about half an inch.So, the doctor with my approval decided to carry out minor surgery to remove it.
Spending time together with mommy dearest before she was wheeled into OT

Wednesday 10 June Madam Gold ended up spending the rest of her holidays in Hospital Pakar Perdana KB, for a surgery.

Sorry to say ,my plans were half accomplished!Allah has far better plans for me,HIS servant..