Monday, January 9, 2012

Oil palm story.... part 3

Crawling towards the finishing line, I often wonder what is left in HIS store for me.I am touching my golden age this year.If not for the new civil servant scheme ,I only have 5 more years to go before retirement and that 5 years will go in a blink of an eye I am sure.Now after signing the option, I have 10 more years to sweat in the service.Does that make me happy?In a way it is .It will keep me busy,waking up in the morning with a purpose...duty to fulfill , classes to run, datelines to meet...and that keep my mind occupied for the rest of the week.
Come weekends the swing of life pendulum changes.The momentum is slower.Trying to find peace and bliss, I would visit my parents.And what keeps me happy is seeing them healthy and also enjoying the serenity of my kampung atmosphere while visitng my pokok sawit...

The path that lead to my pokok sawit.Along and momy will race through this path.When it rains sticky mud will stuck on the tyres and Along has to do extra work washing his Tok Aki's motorbike.
Cows roaming around by the river side
These are called "Belibis"..
Longing for some can have a quiet walk along this river bank watching the water flows freely
This is what happens when there is lack of supervision

Along is trying to save this one..
Along is finding his way in the undergrowth.This is what happens when the boss is a lady and the worker is a man.I guess I have to turn into a wicked ladyboss to get things done
This part is better

Suffocating but still producing fruits..

This is from the other land

Fruits of labour.Happy that the trees finally yeilding its produce..

Now news at the home front...Along has completed his first year and will continue his second year in University of Western Australia ,Perth in February.At the moment if momy needs a cook and a driver at home he is willing to do so.Angah is waiting for her SPM and at the moment taking a driving class.Ifah is moving into form 4 and she is in Accounts class while my big baby is in form 3 now.Time is speeding .All my four permatas are growing up very fast and this double-storey terrace house will soon be too big for me alone.So may be I should start hunting for a condo overlooking the Straits of Malacca.
Of course I cannot get everything that I want in life but I will make do with what is bestowed on me and be grateful.I dont expect to smell bouquets for the remaining years but as long as I can still enjoy every breath that I take,savour every delicious meal that I eat, make no enemies and get a good night sleep without experiencing insomnia, because now I can toss and turn on my bed 360 degrees ... I feel blessed.

I accept what God has planned for me , for definitely HIS plan is far better than my own.HE knows what is best for HIS humble servant..