Monday, August 9, 2010

Ramadhan Kareem

Today is 1 Ramadhan 1431.Time is definitely speeding and does not wait for anyone.

It is a holiday for the those who reside in this historical state.That means we can have an extra day to rest this week and prepare for this blessed month.

Ramadhan this year is very different than it used to be.On the first day of the previous Ramadhan I was busy doing marketing , planning and preparing the meal for the break-fasting.There were me and my four children around the dining table.

However,this evening there will be only me and daughter Ifah.We will be staring at each other and biting our food.Not only I am experiencing emptiness but the house is also turning into an empty nest.

I always like to look at the bright side of things.Less people in the house means less hassle.Time spent in the kitchen is lessen.Maybe I shall not open my kitchen at all and rely on Pasar Ramadhan instead.Then I shall have more time to the activities that I should do as a muslim during Ramadhan..

Blessing comes in many ways and I am sure this is another blessing in disguise..

To my other half in faraway land and all my children,I wish you Ramadhan Al Mubarak and I hope Ramadhan blessing will always be with you through out the month.I miss you all terribly and I cant help shedding a tear or two while typing this.

To all my cyber friends,salam ramadhan and selamat menyemarakkan lagi bulan yang mulia ini.