Saturday, December 26, 2009


Congratulations Angah for getting 8 As in your PMR.Sorry mommy dearest was so busy with this moving thing that she couldn't bring you to your school to get the result and for you to celebrate with your friends.Anyway...a job well done and hopefully you will continue to excel in whatever you do

Saturday, December 12, 2009

MJSC KK Graduation Day

As early as 7:30 am today,we left home heading towards MJSC KK for Along's graduation ceremony.We stopped at our usual Nasi Kerabu stall.The mak cik,whom my kids called mak cik spec was quite surprise at our early turned up, dressing formally in baju kurung.

We continued our one-hour journey.It was misty all the way through the winding road.We reached the college quite early and again enjoyed another breakfast of fried noodle prepared by the college.

Below are photos of the event ...

My pride and joy...taken before the ceremony.

Students making their entrance
All ready for the ceremony
Concentrate...listening to the speech from the Principal
The College SenateAlong, getting ready for his turn to receive the certificate

Along ranks second and he won the award "Pelajar Serba Boleh".Congratulations son!
The College Senate leaving the hallHappy faces after the ceremony
Angah,Along,Big baby ,Ifah and momy dearestAlong and friend,Farhana
The classmates
With Mom and dadWith friends...till they meet again in MarchFinal pose from Along before leaving the college for good to face the world outside and to discover what the world has in store for him...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cluttering and de-cluttering

I have been staying away from my cyber friends for quite a while.Not that my interest towards blog sphere is diminishing but I have been very busy cluttering and de-cluttering all my stuff.It is that time again...where I d be on the road with the whole household heading for the next destination.However,this time the destination is my permanent home sweet home.Good bye to gypsy-like life which I have gone through for the last 17 years.Definitely no regrets at all,no complaints!
I come to a place and learn abundance of new things which add to the store house of knowledge and experience.

I adapt my taste bud to suit to local delicacies,so when ever I my hands are full I can easily buy dishes from the stalls.

I talk with local dialects and slang for easy dealing with local grocers,fruiterers,butchers,fish mongers and even mechanics.

I make new acquaintances and discover the beauty and joy of friendship which I very much hope will last for a life time.Friends are part of my family,who are always by my side through thick and thin, rain or shine.They help me to stand up after several defeats.They aid me to glue up many broken pieces.They guide me to strenghten my faith accept what ever been fated for me.I feel very much at ease at this home away from home.Thank you friends.We may be apart but we ll remain closed at hearts.

I am sorting out my stuff through stages.First,the clothes,which are to keep and which are to give away.
I am sending to my friend's to be distributed to flood victims and the villages.
Then the books and school bags.I have abundant.I am giving away all the primary school books.Some have been taken and some have been sent to Kada to be given to orang asli.

These are to be recycled,waiting for Aboy,the recycling man to pick up.

Paintings and wall portraits have to go down and wrap.

This cupboard is waiting for Along to finish his exam.I assign him to wrap it and also all the "accessories" inside.

Hope to get everything done before the 20th of this month. many things on my mind.