Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hong Kong / China trip

It wasnt a planned trip.All I had in mind for my two-week break was to spend time quietly at home and maybe spend half a day in any spa center.However, a call from my aunty changed it all.So in a week,I had to rush to the immigration office to renew my passport and get a new one done for Ifah.Luckily the service at the immigration office nowdays is very smooth and efficient.The passports were ready in 45 minutes.Then the next day I went to the China Embassy in KL to apply for our visa .It cost rm 280 if I wanted to get it within a day but only rm 58 if I can wait for 4 days.Since the date of departure was in a week's time, so I opted for 4 days.2 days after our visa approval, I boarded a plane to HK....and Ifah, with nobody at home, had no choice but to absent from school..
Arriving from Kuala Lumpur..the pilot had to do two trials before landing safely at HK international airport due to bad weather..

Getting off from the train at Disneyland from Sunny Bay..takes abt 30 mins frm Kowloon
Mounting the staircase to get to the entrance of Disneyland..

Flights of fantasy parade..

These two mak chik cant decide which station to hit..definitely not the high-speed journey of Space Mountain...

With Pn Roslinda,assistant immigration attache in HK

The Sleeping Beauty castle

With Tinker Bell in front of her garden
We waited until the closing time for this grand finale..the spectacular fireworks..

At Stanley Bay

A muslim restaurant on the third floor of the mosque

To buy HRC t-shirt for my boys here..
The Peak
HK Madame Tussauds

Whispering to M Ghandi

At Madam Tussaude..Signing MOU with Mr Obama

From The Peak
Hong Kong sky line..
Thinking of daddy dearest.

Ifah celebrating her 15 th birthday in Hong Kong.These two new friends took the trouble to buy her a manggo cake..Happy birthday Ifah..may your days ahead be blessed and may your health improve..

Glittering..glimmering cityOn the boat to watch laser show

The laser show
Hong Kong glittering at night

Just for tonight only kids..Hong Kong's night life..the busiest part of the city, Mong Kok.Some say this street resembles Petaling Street where there re cheap bazaars selling imitation goods..

Taking an express train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou ,China.The journey took two hours.
Passing by..
Ready to shop
Waiting for a friend to pick us up at Guangzhou train station.Just arrived from Kowloon, Hong KongTaking sometime to visit Malaysia Consulate..

Making friends..with the security officer, Ang at Malaysia Consulate.In red blouse is Kak Normi, Immigration assistant Attache.We stayed at her house..Thank you Sis for your warmest hospitality.In white blouse is my aunty, a retired immigration officer..

We can get a good quality 4- meter material at this factory outlet for rm 15 ..and that same material is sold at rm 80 at shopping complex..

Note: Anybody interested to buy Chinese and Opal silk,do visit Dayana's collection on my fb..
In the factory outlet building...rows and rows of textile outlets here

Choosing, feeling the materials..
This Ah Chong is showing me the amount ..I ended up buying 40 pieces of material for baju raya..of course not for me alone..
Can't get enough..we had to go for a second trip the next day..

Bicycle is a popular transportation here
Tired..after a day at textile factory outlet n now waiting for transport home..
This man can carry as many as one dozen mineral bottles on his bike..
Kak Normi's condo where we stayed for 4 days..
Such a beautiful condo..
Walking home from market
Buying some vege
Good morning Guangzhou
Beautiful spot around the condo
With Condo's security guard

A walk along Beijing Lo on our last night.A paradise for imitation goods.I went home with 2 Gucci's,3 LV'S,1 Chloe and 1 brandless..

Leaving Guangzhou..we ended up with 81 kg of baggage, minus hand luggage of course..