Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear Along...

Dear Along,
I am so happy today...You get through your interview to pursue your studies in Australia.The offer came yesterday through a phone call from MARA.
Though SPM result is still two or three months away,you have managed to get a sponsor son.I am happy for you.At least now you have better things to do,instead of being a couch potato and with your PSP all the time, which frankly speaking have made me quite worried and angry sometimes!
I am sad at the same time son.For the last one month, things have been very comfortable at home with you around.Now the house will be quieter and no handy man.No co driver to drive the car into the garage,no 'bibik' to hang the clothes in the morning when I am rushing for school,no partner to watch late night guard to check the gate and the doors at night...and of course I am going to lose my helper in the kitchen too.Nobody to order around if Ifah and Big Baby ever want some fries or burger or even telur mata kerbau.I am going to miss your cabonara too!
But mommy dearest must not be selfish.You have your future in front of you to plan and shape. Go ahead dear son.Focus on your two years preparatory program so you can get into a renown uni down under.My time has passed and I have accomplished part of my dream and now it is your time to chase your dream and make it come true.Do your best and my doa is always with you.
And yes Son...we argue sometimes.Of course,teenagers do not see things exactly like adults.We are two different generations.So any comments, criticism,nagging ets..etc...are all meant for a better self.Do not get me wrong.You know that I will do anything for you,your brother and your sisters as well.You all are precious and greatest gifts from God.
When you were small,I used to lay awake in the middle of the night,feeling so alone, so vulnerable,so afraid.Would I be able to carry out the trust God has entrusted on me.Would I be able to nurture and educate you well.Could I go wrong somewhere? My mind was bombarded with questions.Then I looked at your sleeping face, and I gained the strength and courage to shoulder on.Yes,our family has ups and downs.And without you son, I might remain beaten,unable to stoop up and build up the broken pieces.You give me strength and you help me to stay tough!
I wish you the best.Provide yourself with enough knowledge and increase your faith in God.Encircle yourself with good people who can inspire you.Last... but the most important thing is do not forget your Solat.Perform every Solat and your life will be on the right direction.Trust me.
Good bye son and step into your new world with confidence....