Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy holidays everybody!

I wish everybody a happy and enjoyable holiday especially to teachers and students.But for some,holiday is just like any other school days.Nothing to look forward to.Still there are extra classes to attend to,kids to be sent for tuition,centralised training for those involve in MSSM,mid-year examination papers to be graded and keyed in before school reopens,duties at school especially teachers involve in administration etc..etc...So trips to school are still unavoidable.

My plan for this holiday:

1.Thursday - pick up my Angah from her hostel at SM Sains PP.

2.Friday - meet Along at his college before he goes for centralised rugby training in Kuala Terengganu.

- Extra class at school for RISDA kids

3. Saturday - send big baby for extra class

4.Sunday to Friday -Finally...trip back to my hometown.Will be there for one week visiting family and relatives.
Probably if 'langkah kanan' I can attend weddings or 'Bekwah'.
If I have time I would go down to KL, shopping for materials for "baju raya".Have to plan early because now days tailors are very much in demand. If not I ll just buy the materials in Tangkak.
Then probably go to Klang to visit Aunt who has just been diagnosed pancreas cancer.
Visiting hubby's new oil palm trees.Can get to see the monkeys which have been quite a nuisance and destroy the new planted trees.
Eating 'Mee Bandung' Muar.Oh how I miss that.

5.Saturday - Trip back to Kota Bharu.Home Sweet Home..

5.Sunday - pick up along from his rugby training.Sorry Along! you miss the good time in kampung.

6. Sunday -Thursday - cleaning around the house and clear up the store.It has been ages since I last cleared it.
Doing gardening.I ve been neglecting all my plants for quite sometime.Time to do a bit of justice to them.
Marking papers .
Big baby's extra class resumes.
Send along for Biology,Chemistry and Physics tuition.He definitely needs them.

7. Wednesday - send angah back to her hostel for she has to attend extra class.

8.Thursday - Getting ready for school - ironing and finish marking.

9. Friday- Time to sit down with the two kids and checking every body's homework.
- Doing groceries getting ready the stock.

10.Saturday - Send along back to his college.

11. Sunday - School reopens.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank You My Friends..

I know I shouldn't call you friends
Cause we have not met
or brushed shoulders
For some
I wonder how you look like
But I know
You are always there
to read my thoughts
and understand my feelings
Now and then
You warm my heart
You brighten my sombre days
with your witty comments
reassuring words
and inspirational thoughts
You just drop by
to say a simple hello
with a picture at the side.
You are always there
to accompany me
at anytime of the day
or through the silent night
Though I can't reach out
to touch your assuring hands
I know
you are always there
perhaps smiling...
I appreciate this friendship
made accidentally
but with sincererity
in the cyber space.
Thank you Kak Nong,Maria,Dr Sam,the gorgeous Ida Hariati, KakTeh,Puziah,Uncle Lee,Miss Zaza,Win,Adib,La Bella,Pak Malim Kucing ray yang alim,arsaili,ibu...and those who are willing to cross the path of my humble blog.Thank you for being my cyber friends!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


It has been a hot topic for the last couple of days.Everybody at school from the administrators down to lab attendance are talking about it; in the staffroom,in the canteen, while walking to classes, even the pak cik sapu and the mak cik canteen heard the grouses over PTK results! A heat wave is hitting the school.Panas..panas..

The results of PTK are out.Some are complaining,voicing out their grouses while a few flashing a smile, satisfied with the results even though only succeeded in getting band 3.It means they do not have to sit for the test again.For those who get band 1 or 2 ,they have to repeat or else they would remain static at their present grade.

PTK means Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan.How "cekap" are we in our teaching profession.Can we be considered cekap if we can answer all the questions on General Order and get the highest band, but can only produce a handful of excellent students at the end of the day?I do not know,I guess the government has one peculiar way of assessing teachers.Even though objections,critics and complaints have been continuously aired through Teachers Unions and individuals, PTK is still being implemented.And mind, you teachers rank the last in groups of civil servants who score the highest band, that is band 4!

This year the government has made a few changes in the format of the test.They have scraped off the coursework, instead the candidates have to sit for examination alone .Phew...what a relief because more than 50% of the burden is lifted!But in a way I think this is not fair for us,the pioneers of PTK.We were tested mentally and emotionally, in fact during the course there were a few passed out last minute, fainted..unable to present their research paper.

I was called to attend this course somewhere in 2007,a long waited offer.It is not that I was too eager to attend it, but it is more like to get over and done with this nonsense.Before that I had heard so much about the course from the senior teachers.They were observed all the time even while having meals!The observation was for personality merits.I guess to see whether we possessed all the right etiquette to climb up the ladder.So much of hypocrisy!

So the course that I went through required me:
1. To write a research paper of 25 pages,which I slogged in day and night, for it had been ages since I last wrote one.

2. To carry out a power point presentation of the research paper.Lucky I wrote my own paper,so I understood my case very well and no problem in presenting and answering questions from the evaluators.My power point was prepared by my son IT knowledge, dari dulu sampai sekarang blurrrr.There were some who paid other people to write the paper,and we could see this clearly during presentation.

3. To give a public speaking in English.Lucky me for I speak English almost everyday.In fact I was the writer of the week,writing speeches for uztazah and other subject teachers for free.Never mind, cari ilmu dan cari pahala,two in one.

4. To perform a group presentation where I acted in a forum and be Datuk Dr.Mashitah Ibrahim since our name is the same. Besides,she used to be my 'mentor' before.

5. To sit for an essay-type test on the final day.

It was a one-week course as compared to now, only an hour test.

So, there were five components , where else this year the candidates have to sit for one component only, that is objective test.For this,I suppose they can just throw a dice and answer with one close eye.Or panjangkan leher sikit, and see-see lah the neighbour.How unfair!

However, all my hard work was paid off because I managed to get band 4...alhamdullilah.So when my colleagues are busy criticizing this PTK lately, I just keep my mouth shut for I have gotten through my hardest hurdle,enjoyed the raise in my salary, and now waiting to be promoted to DG 48,hopefully before the time based.What else can I say, I cant complain much!

So, dear friends, those of you who are going to resit for the test in August, study hard and wishing you all the very best.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am a teacher..

Tomorrow is Teacher's Day.For the last 22 years I ve been in and out of more than ten different school gates and countless classrooms . I ve been in a school in the heart of an army camp where everything is in order and in control,a missionary school where the silence and discipline really amazed me , a boarding school where everything should be in tip top condition, a suburb school where the students can really challenge my sanity, a rural school where the kids will bring me loads of rambutans ,durian,salak on their motorbikes during fruit season and a school surrounded by golden padi fields where the view is just breathtaking.

I am a teacher in a classroom,a teacher at home,a teacher during the day,a teacher during the night,a teacher during weekdays,a teacher during weekends...every second,every minute,every hour,every day I am a teacher.A person to be sought after by the students, by the children,by the elders.I even had an elderly neighbour who came knocking on my door asking me to read the bank receipt for she couldnt understand English!

A teacher is everything..
I am a teacher who teaches and moulds students to become better selves and good citizens.
I am a clerk who is forever in front of my computer to type out notes and questions.
I am a coach to train my students in sports they excel in.
I am a nurse to be sought after when my students are sick and looking for any kind of ointment or medication.
I am an unpaid driver to send my students home if they are very sick or to send them to competitions or tournament.
I am a counsellor to counsel the students if they are muddle in problems.
I am a subtitute parent for those who run away from home and need temporary shelter
I am a gardener who is ever ready lending a hand in beautifying the school.
I am a doctor when I see life is reborn each day with new ideas and questions.
I am a warrrior doing battle against peer pressure,ignorance and negativity.
I am an architect to provide a strong basic foundation of knowledge,love and truth so the structure can last forever.
I am an actress who acts in classroom to get the focus and attention of students.
I am a friend who is ready to lend a hand and an ear to my students.
I am a salesman who would campaign as which reads are the best.
I am a preacher who would preach on virtues and moralities almost everyday...
the list goes on and the responsibility adds on..
But... I would be the name and face who have long forgotten yet whose lessons and character be remembered in the accomplishment of my students.

I am thankful to the public,to the parents for you have done a great honour to entrust to me your greatest contribution to eternity,your children.I am delighted to be able to spend time with the future.

I have a past that is rich in memories.I have a present that is challenging.I have a future to reap the produce of my hardwork.

For all dedicated teachers out there,I wish all of you a Happy Teacher's Day with the following message:

"Jadilah guru yang mempunyai cinta seperti cinta Adam dan Hawa
Jadilah guru yang mempunyai kasih seluhur kasih Siti Hajar
Jadilah guru yang cerdik secerdik Saidatina Aisyah
Jadilah guru yang ikhlas seikhlas Rabiatul Adawiyah
Jadilah guru yang tabah setabah hati Fatimah Az Zahara
Jadilah guru yang beriman seteguh iman Sumayah."
To all my ex-teachers in Abdullah School,Sungai Mati,Muar and Sultan Abu Bakar Girls School, Muar,thank you for everything.You have made me who I am today.I am proud of you and big hug for each and everyone of you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day


Take your plate into the kitchen,please.
Take it downstairs when you go.
Don't leave it there,take it upstairs.
Is that yours?
Don't hit your brother.
I'm talking to you.
Just a minute,please,can't you see I'm talking?
I said,Don't interrupt.
Did you brush your teeth?
What are you doing out of bed?
Go back to bed.
Have you finished your homework?
You cant watch TV tonight.
What do you mean ,there's nothing to do?
Go outside.
Read a book.
Turn it down.
Get off the phone.
Tell your friend you'll call back.Right now!
Someone left his shoes outside.Take them in!
Get the toys out of the hall.
Do you realize that could kill someone?
Hurry up.
Hurry up.Everyone's waiting.
I'll count to ten and then we're going without you.
I mean it
What's going on back there?
Stop it.
I said,Stop it
I don't want to hear about it.
Stop it or I'm taking you home right now.
That's it.We 're going home.
Have you prayed?
Did you take your pocket money? Handkerchief? Bottle drinks?
What did you eat at school today?
Give me a kiss.
Shake hands.
Make your bed.
Clean up your room.
Set the table.
Dont tell me it's not our turn.
Stop playing and eat.
Watch it!
More please.That's better.
Eat the vegetables.
You dont always get what you want.That's life.
Opportunity comes once.Grab it.
Don't argue with me.I 'm not discussing this anymore.
Go to your room.
How many times have I told you,don't do that.
Stop yelling.If you want to ask me something,come here.
I'll think about it.Not now.
Ask your father.
We'll see.
Dont sit so close to the television,it s bad for your eyes.
Calm down.
Is that the truth?
Fasten your seat belt.
Did everyone fasten their seat belt?
I'm sorry,that's the rule.I'm sorry, that's the rule.I'm sorry ,that's the rule.

Stay beautiul,stay healthy,stay strong and may you continue to be the finest and most giving mother to your children.