Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood

Who says making decision is easy?We have been making decisions through out our lives, still there are times where we are not sure whether the decision we make is the wisest.

I have been managing the household alone most of the time,however,it does not make decision-making any easier. I have to make choices, from the simplest decision like what do I cook for breakfast so that none of my kids sulk in front of their meal and go to school happily with a full stomach, to a matter of life and death,such as should I bring the kid to hospital now,at 3:00 in the morning or should I wait for the first streak of dawn.It is hard, especially for somebody who is fickled- minded like me.And what makes it harder is I am accountable and responsible for the
decision that I make.Besides, everything must be answerable in front of the big boss....aahhhh...

Last night when daughter Ifah was running a high temperature and trembling for almost 20 minutes, I was again confused.Should I just rely on the previous Ifimol tablet prescribed earlier by her paediatrician and just sponge her body or should I bring her to the 24-hour clinic.Any dotted mother will quickly bundle up her kid and head for the clinic.But not me..

Daughter Ifah trembling under the comforter in the living room ...

I hate bringing her to clinics.The doctor will again prescribe some medications and antibiotics which she has to swallow until finish.Daughter Ifah had been on medication for a long time,swallowing one antibiotic after another due to her illness.I fear the effect of medications will take its toll on her body in the long run.That is the reason.I prefer to resort to some traditional remedies but where do I get that at midnight last night????

Finally...after waiting for half an hour and Ifah was not showing any slight improvement,I drove to the clinic.But wait...I had to stop at ATM first to draw some money.Earlier that afternoon I just paid my astro,telephone and broadband bills ,so I was short of cash.I drew the money from ATM machine at Econjaya,and fortunately there was a guard on duty who in a way has made me feel safer.

The doctor gave her a jab and prescribed about 5 types of medications.Then he asked Ifah to take a bath from head to toe upon reaching home.Taking a bath at 12 midnight is something not very encouraging especially by orang tua-tua, sebab nanti paru-paru masuk air.How do the shower get into the lung ***##?? am trying to figure out...

After everything settled,daughter Ifah got under her duvet and slept soundly and calmly.Her temperature running low through out the night.

When the azan called for Suboh,mommy dearest woke up and headed straight for the bathroom, to bathe and take ablution.Little did she realise she still cannot pray ...Mommy dearest dived back into the comfort of her duvet...One chaotic night has turned mommy dearest into forgetful person.

Another important decision-making has to be made this morning. Along called, telling Mommy about the fast-trek program which is offered to him.With a much higher standard of requirement this year, only three students in his college are offered a place.Yet they still have to go for an interview which is right after their SPM.Along could not decide as what course to choose and where to go.He is interested to do marine engineering, if possible, abroad.But engineering is offered locally at UTP.Only medicine is offered abroad, a field which Along is not interested at all.

As mommy dearest could not decide for Along,she advised him to sembahyang istikharah first.I know there is no 100% guarantee that he can get it...but what if he gets... he has to decide wisely because this is something that will affect his future.

Good luck dear final advice is follow your heart and interest!You are the one who is going to go through the gruesome years of jihad.

Quoting from Robert Frost's "The road not taken"

"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence;
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I...
I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference"

Just remember,whatever decision you are making now Along,it will make what and who you are in years to come.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Simple Pleasures in Life

Once in a while I just want to divert from the routine,especially after being so bogged down with work,family and other miserable,worldly matters that can drive me nuts.

So when my colleague, Madam Tong invited me to join her line dancing class,I readily accepted the invitation without giving much thought.Why me?For she knows that I am very interested in this kind of activity and if ever held at school,I would be one of the very few lady teachers to join in.

Last night was my first session.When the time came,I started to feel a bit sceptical leaving my two teenagers at home.

So I asked daughter Ifah..

Mommy: Ok tak kalau Ma pi dancing class malam ni?

Daughter: Pi la Ma..

Mommy: Tak apa ke tinggal kat umah...Sara, aunty Tong's daughter is joining the class too.

Daughter: Tak pe lah ma..kita orang tak takut.

Mommy: Kalau gitu Ma pi ya..

Daughter: Pi lah Ma...enjoy yourself..

So I left the house with a not-so-guilty feeling..

The class is filled with somewhat 20 to 30 Ah Sos.There are only 3 Malay ladies and I am the only one with a tudung.

The class is held at an open basketball court,about 3 to 4 minutes' drive from my house.

It was a good two-hour sweating and calorie burning session.During a 5-minute break I went to my car to get a bottled drink.Lurking in the darkness next to my car was one Ah So.I almost jumped when she said to me...

Ah So: Wa, manyak peluh ha..

Me: Yalah nyonya..mari join kita orang.

Ah So: Nanti-nanti...

Then she look at my sneakers

Ah So: Lu beli itu kasut mana?(asking about my dancing shoes cum jogging shoes cum aerobic shoes).

Me: Kat KB mall.

Ah So: Mahat (expensive) tak?

Me: Itu 40 ringgit saja..

Ah So: Tunggu.. saya beli ha,nanti saya mau join juga..

Me: Nyonya datang minggu depan,ini jam..

Ah So: Ada baya ka?

Me: 3 ringgit saja...

Ah So: Ini sampai pukut brapa?

Me: Sepuluh...

Then hearing the blaring music again, she quickly said to me

Ah So: pegi sambung lagi..

So I left the Ah So (in fact there were many other peeping toms)to continue watching us in the darkness..

We continued pacing and stamping our steps following the beautiful music of Cha cha,poco-poco,Maakarama(dont know if I got it right)and one Siamese dance.All are in Chinese lyrics..hehehe..

I am catching up slowly with all except the Cha cha where I am still ?*#+? blurrrrrr.

But who cares..the most important thing is I feel soooo relief mentally and my body feels sooooo light...

These are simple pleasures in my life...

Monday, October 26, 2009

On marriage

This morning I received a wedding invitation card from my colleague.Apart from the beautiful and charming pictures of the bride and bridegroom there is another thing that caught my eyes and struck my heart...the beautiful phrases written on the card which I am going to share with you here to ponder...

Tak Perlu Mencari Teman Secantik Balqis,
Andai Diri Tak sehebat Sulaiman..

Mengapa Mengharapkan Teman Setampan Yusuf,
Jika Kasih Tak Setulus Zulaikha..

Tak Perlu Mengharap Teman Seteguh Ibrahim,
Andai diri tak Sekuat Siti Hajar..

Dan Mengapa Didambakan Teman Hidup Bak Siti Khadijah,
Kalau Diri Tak Sesempurna Rasulullah S.A.W..

Bimbinglah Dirinya dan Terimalah

Kekurangan Itu Sebagai Keunikan..

Carilah Kebaikan Pada Dirinya..

Bersyukurlah kerana dipertemukan


Dan tetaplah berdoa

Agar dia kekal menjadi milik kita

Amin Ya Rabbal A'lamin.

Indeed this is a good guidance for newly married couples and a good muhasabah
for the veterans...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A luncheon date with Along

When I first decided to join the blog sphere,it was merely for the sake of killing the time.My posts range from past experience to something very closed to my heart,my children.Lately I have been writing more on the latter.I just thought it would be better to jot down events that happen around my kids, for them to reminisce in the later part of life.After all, I am just a plain high school teacher(where life is centered around home and school) with a simple mission in life that is to see my children and students develop into good individuals with certain noble values to uphold in life, to keep them on the right path.

So,to my regular trespassers,sorry for this post is again about my children.When it comes to children I always write about Along. I do not know..maybe because he is my firstborn so I have high hopes on him.I want him to be the role model to his younger sisters and brother.I want him to set and pave the way to the right direction so his siblings could follow.

Now UPSR is over.PMR is over too.For mommy dearest this brought a little bit of relief,at least for the time being.There is only one more countdown, that is to SPM.

When PMR was approaching, I had been making my way to my Angah's school every weekend to guide her on her PMR preparations.Now it is over and it is time for me to make up the lost time that I should be with Along.So ,when he called me last night,I had no excuse of not meeting him today.

As early as 7:00 am this morning I was already up and about in the kitchen.First I had to defrost the chicken for I planned to cook chicken rice today and had lunch at Along's college.While the iced chicken was doing the defrosting, I brought out wet clothes to be hung outside.Why wet?Yes washing machine is jammed for it can't spin.I had called the Panasonic agent ,but they said they could only come the soonest on Sunday.So ,I have to wring wet clothes which are rather wet and messy for 2 days.

After all the clothes were on the cloth-line,I got into the house to do a bit of cleaning.I am very particular when it comes to dust,so I would sweep almost every day.When it was done and the chicken was a bit defrosted,I started cooking.Everything was done at about 11:00 am.By 11:30 am I was on my way to Along's college.

As usual,mommy dearest will have to bring extra food for his friends.Along will ask the same question every time,"Ma bawa makanan lebih tak?"

Then he will invite his friends to join us.Living and growing up together under the same roof for the last five years have made them very closed, like brothers.

Mommy and son enjoying their lunch

Along's sanctuary for the last five years...

After lunch,we discussed about their studies.They are having extra classes almost every day, even on Fridays.Their days will start at 7:30 am right until 10:30 pm with of course a few breaks for meals,solat and riadah.There are times when the teacher will extend up to 12:30 midnight.Phew...they are in full steam now.They have to, for starting this year the Examination Syndicate will categorise A grade into 3 levels; A+,A and A-.So, only the cream will get the best offer!

We talked about their plans after SPM.It seemed that all of them hope to get selected into fast trek program.They are now still waiting for the offer.Hopefully this year the respective sponsors are still offering fast trek program to those students who achieve flying colors result in their SPM trials.

So, best of luck children, both in your SPM and for a place in fast trek program.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Best of luck to all PMR candidates,especially to my Angah.Semoga ditenangkan hati,ditenteramkan jiwa dan dapat menjawab dengan can do it!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my big-baby boy,
Wish your life ahead be filled with joy,
Always remember age is only a date,
You are the one who determine your own fate,
Study hard,work hard and uphold good values,
Success and triumph will embrace you,
May Allah blessed you with happiness and wealth,
And not to forget a clean bill of health,

Happy 12th birthday,
Many happy returns of the day.