Monday, April 11, 2011

The oil palm story...three years later...

When dearest hubby started to clear a piece of empty, negligent land somewhere at the edge of our kampung, it created a lot of controversy among the kampung folks.Dearest hubby's name was mentioned everywhere and became the talk of everyday's "kedai kopi" ( there are three in the kampung),UMNO meeting, in the "kebun", at "balai raya" and among housewives .....It even touched the boundary of the "kedai kopi" in the next kampung, which is the kampung of Menteri Besar.Luckily the MB is not always at his village house or else he would have heard the story too..and wonder who the hell this fella was...

Firstly , dearest hubby is not "anak jati" kampung, even though his grandfather-in-law was once a powerful figure in the kampung, the head man. As for his uncle-in-law,he is a senator who has brought in a lot of progress to once very ulu kampung in Ledang district.The road that led to this kampung was that of red gravels and mud,so whenever there was heavy rain,there would be puddles of water here and there.One had to be a good driver to avoid the red muddy puddles. Of course,Mat Rempits were not exist at that time or else it would become their playing ground.If you were unlucky your tyres would get stuck in the red mud and it took a few strong arms to save your stuck car.And if you were on your bike, which was a dominant means of transportation at that time,you must be careful not to let the mud accumulated on your tyres or stuck around the wheels, or else your bike would become heavier and rest assured you would be pushing your bike for the rest of your journey home.Those were the days in my kampung that I could recall...

Ulu it might be, the kampung could boast about the achievements of their anak kampung.My senator uncle was the first anak jati kampung to get into the university and my late uncle, the Ex-director of State Information Department was the first anak kampung to further his studies abroad.These two brothers had set good examples to the rest of the kampung children. From the early 80's until now many successful figures and professionals were born in that small, ulu village..and if my grandfather were still alive, I am sure he would be proud to see the achievement of these children..

The second reason why it created a havoc around the issue of opening this piece of land is this land had been growing wild and remained untouched for over 40 years and surprisingly nobody bothered about it.Suddenly out of the blue dearest hubby came to the scene, cleared up the area and turned it into his own oil palm project.There surely be a look of hatred tinged with jealousy if not all, on some of the villagers' face.The bold ones came and attacked dearest hubby right on his face for what they called an "intrusion of their kampung land".What they didn't know was dear hubby already issued an application to the Land Office and waiting for approval.The investment on this project is reaching 100 K and I am sure what ever happen in future dear hubby will not back out. And I ,taking Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah as a model will surely be the loyal supporter behind my hubby's work.

From religious point of view, clearing and planting on a piece of negligent government land is allowed provided the land has been remained empty for at least 3 years.At least we can put the land to good use..

According to State Land Act, those who are awarded state government land but did not put the land to any good use, the ownership can be revoked.

The uncleared land three years ago, somewhere in June 2009.

Dearest hubby took a daring step to clear up the land

Mat Kojai, hubby's right hand man..
This was what it looked like after the trees and undergrowth been rammed by Yahya's machine
Waiting to be planted..
Newly planted trees..
Daddy dearest,Along, big baby worked so hard to plant these rows and rows of oil palm trees, of course with the help of Mat Kojai ..It was a school holiday and we spent about a week in kampung to complete the planting. It was a hard work and the boys together with daddy dearest worked under the hot scorching sun as late as 3:00 pm.It tore my heart to see my boys coming back from the planting session,bathing in sweat and looking exhausted with sun-burnt face. They would not dare to go against their father no matter how tired they were. It has been army's training for a long time..

Now three years later..this is what the project looks like...

Not quite to hubby's standard ,but we re trying our best
Along is put in charge while daddy dearest is in faraway land.

Rows of oil palm trees..
Along is supervising the work done by our helper whenever he has time
Whenever the boss is not around , this is what happen..some uncleared undergrowth..
Along is trying to lend his hand whenever he could get away from his college..
This one is suffocating..Along is trying to figure out what and how to do with this one..
The bigger ones here are from our own legal land..

I know deep down in hubby's heart he has good intention towards the kampung folks.Once the time to reap his fruits of labour comes, I am sure he will not forget the villagers .

I do not expect a smooth sailing endeavour but I pray that the Almighty will keep our spirit soaring and able to face any obstacles.May Allah guide and bless us in our work.

"Berbudi lah kepada tanah..berbaktilah sesama insan"

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time to chill

The view that I enjoy most while having my nasi lemak and teh tarik
The Straits of Malacca in the morning
Serene and peaceful looking horizon taken from a different angle

This is my favourite breakfast place.The nasi lemak is awesome and the stall owner just know how to make the best teh tarik in the world.I would patronize this eating place when ever I crave for kampung style nasi lemak.Of course I do not take nasi lemak everyday..(hei got to watch my diet too since I am on the verge of entering the most dreaded golden age) , so I get the choice of lempeng kelapa and lempeng pisang.It is cheap yet satisfaction guaranteed. I get the view,the delicious choices and the cheap price.Do I need to ask for more?One thing for sure I am blesssed...