Friday, February 26, 2010

A very special day indeed...

It is a very special day today.First, it is the birthday of our dearest Prophet Muhammad (saw). Secondly, all Malaysians get a day off, so it is going to be a long week-end this week.
However ,it is even more special to me because today is my birthday ...

May Allah shower me with his blessing,love and mercy....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Looking For The Fairy Princess

The unbearable heat,the unbeatable noise and the suffocating dust seemed to force me to make full use of the CNY break.Hence, I found myself already on my way to Gunung Ledang National Park to rest and rejuvenate my body and soul for a day or two.
We headed towards the foot of the mountain, but what awaited us was quite disheartening at first..we had to find our way through a dusty untarred road criss crossing a vast oil palm plantation.

Orange dust rising up as tyres hit uneven surfaces..

Gunung Ledang National Park is located at the border of Melaka, Johor and Negeri Sembilan.It is about an hour's drive from Muar town and one has to pass through Tangkak and later drive through a small estate town called Sagil.About 1 km from Sagil,there is a sign board that leads to this park.

However,one has to pass through a security check point before entering the leading road.Only those who have made a reservation are allowed to enter.

This national park was opened in July 2003.The mountain range is a conservation area and also a water catchment area that supplies clean water to the population of Melaka and Johor.There are 13 rivers that run through the area but only 2 are popular and open for recreational purposes.These are Ayer Putih River and Ayer Panas River.This park possesses the most beautiful waterfall.Popular activities are mountain climbing,jungle trekking,picnicking or just relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty and cool invigorating mountain air.The place is also rich in biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Welcome to Gunung Ledang National Park

The operation center.

Some of the chalets...for standard chalet with two rooms and a kitchen, it is rm 200 per night and for deluxe it is rm 270 Once checking in,we started to think about dinner.

Trying to lit up the fire.Come on soldier..I'm sure you are quite used to this kind of life

Iron Chef imported from Bank Negara

Our dinner is ready

Borderless knowledge amidst this greeneries...

Taman Orkid with countless species of orchid..

Taman Periuk Kera.There is more than one species of periuk kera

Little photographer busy taking shots that amused him

'Si Bujang' is part of the population in the park

The locals believe that the fairy princess of Gunung Ledang still lives on the mountain, as on occasions some mountain climbers claim to have seen the princess while climbing..
Taking a canopy walk and hoping to see the fairy princess.
The root of one ancient tree turns 'Pintu Gerbang'

Looking for the best spot

Due to dry season the water in Sg Air Puteh is quite shallowThe two siblings, si Putih n si Hitam, definitely having a good time soaking in the cool, clean and crystal clear water

You can also experience fish spa/therapy to get rid of dead cell on your feet free of charge.

Sungai Air Putih Waterfall
Cool refreshing cascading waterfall

A group of PELAPES from UPM checking in for mountain climbing
Will come again definitely...

On our way back we stopped at this stall ...
to savour the delicious cendol pulut...

Friday, February 5, 2010

New school, new scene...

Getting ready for the weekly assembly
Cadet Officer is reporting the present strength to the officer Lt . MG ...gosh !Yours truly has definitely "enlarged"... front way,back way and sideways..In class...what s the joke cadets???
In action,listening to their officer
Before the beginning of each lesson

Green green sea or lautan hijau of almost 1800 cadets and officers
At the front row is the school Elite CadetsSinging the National Anthem,Malacca Anthem,School song and KRS song