Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Dewan Sri Gemilang, SM Sains PP

For the next 18 days
This is Angah's "war field"
Armed with knowledge that she has gained
She is facing the important days in her life
She is carving her future here
Making her dreams come true
Mommy hopes that this will be her last public school exam
Be calm,be cool
But at the same time keep the "fighting spirit" soaring high
For nothing comes easy in life dear
Angah, just forget the trials and tribulations in the family
For those are not worth thinking
Not yet..
Besides ,it is not fair for you
To get caught in "mommy-daddy business"
And whatever the outcome is
Mommy will accept
For you have given your all and your best
Mommy is proud of you..

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beautiful blooms in dad's garden

Of late, I frequently spend my weekends at dad's home.To kill the time, I took a few snapshots of flowers that grow in his garden.Enjoy...


Good luck to all SPM candidates especially to my Angah. Stay cool and don't panic dear.I know you have worked very hard.We pray for your success...

Thursday, November 10, 2011


a very rare date
a beautiful series of numbers ...
which marked a meaningful event too
21 years ago...
Happy 21 st wedding anniversary to me
a long..long..years of ups and downs
still nothing to complain
nothing to regret..
for Allah knows what is best
for HIS humble servant..
Thank you Allah..
May YOU continue to shower us
with Mawaddah Wa Rahmah
in our lives..