Sunday, November 21, 2010

Age is catching up...

Last week end I attended Along's graduation ceremony, marking the completion of his one-year FIST Australia program.Since I dont have the confidence to drive long-distance,so I took a night express bus to go up north.My plan was to go to Jitra first and borrow a friend's car to drive up to Kuala Nerang the next day.I did as planned.However ,when I reached his college in Kuala Nerang,I found that everything was so quiet.It was like there was no event going on.In fact, at the entrance I was questioned by the guard as why I was there.I told him I was there to attend the occasion and he looked surprised.He told me there was nothing going on at the college that day.Classes were held as usual.Then I took a look at my cell phone and saw a message from Along.He told me he had boarded his college bus to go to Holiday Villa Hotel in Alor Setar.

What??? I gave him a call.He answered and told me that the occasion was held in that hotel and in fact he had told me about it.When did he tell me ,of course I couldn't remember.I scolded him and told him don't expect me to drive up another hour to get to the place on time .After all it was already 9:15 and the event started at 10:00 am.I scolded him over and over.He claimed that he had told me somewhere in April, and he expected his mommy dearest to remember it ???

So I had no choice but to drive for another hour.It was like making one whole circle.A journey which by right should only take 20 minutes from Jitra turned into almost two hours.When I reached the banquet room ,the event had started,in fact two people had given their speeches.Never mind... I managed to listen to the last speech from the Chairman of MARA before the certificates were presented and lunch was served.

His lecturer ushered me to the table.I was still mad when settling down on the chair.However, my anger subsided when Along's name was announced as recipient for "Anugerah Kokurikulum Tebaik".Ok just know how to win mommy's least the time and journey spent were worthwhile...

Congratulations more step to down under...

Monday, October 11, 2010


I had been having back pain for days.Finding remedies was not easy.Sleeping on the heated mattress,using the traditional "minyak panas" and even stop eating food that could cause wind in the name it,still the pain was biting me unbearably.
Finally, I decided to look for some pain killers...A friend of mine brought me to some old clinic.Looking at its physical state ( even the clinic was spelt as "Kelinik"),I didnt put much hope on it.
Till now I am trying to figure out the cause of my back ache..
Maybe I ve been driving for 50 km everyday for the past 3 weeks..
or it might be due to the countless steps and a few slopes that I have to mount everyday at my new work place..
or it could be due to the weight from my laptop which I ve to carry on my back to classes
or now my classes are all spread out ,so I have to walk all around the campus..
or pssttt....age factor????

Anyway, the pills prescribed by the Kelinik work back is back to least for now..
So, next time don't judge a book by its cover!

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's 6 minus 1

Wishing Eid Mubarak to all my cyber friends.Hoping that everybody is happy and healthy celebrating this joyous occasion.Although it's 6 - 1 this year,yours truly and the children are still celebrating this raya in the best of state...

Salam Aidil Fitri dan Maaf Zahir Batin from MG and family.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ramadhan Kareem

Today is 1 Ramadhan 1431.Time is definitely speeding and does not wait for anyone.

It is a holiday for the those who reside in this historical state.That means we can have an extra day to rest this week and prepare for this blessed month.

Ramadhan this year is very different than it used to be.On the first day of the previous Ramadhan I was busy doing marketing , planning and preparing the meal for the break-fasting.There were me and my four children around the dining table.

However,this evening there will be only me and daughter Ifah.We will be staring at each other and biting our food.Not only I am experiencing emptiness but the house is also turning into an empty nest.

I always like to look at the bright side of things.Less people in the house means less hassle.Time spent in the kitchen is lessen.Maybe I shall not open my kitchen at all and rely on Pasar Ramadhan instead.Then I shall have more time to the activities that I should do as a muslim during Ramadhan..

Blessing comes in many ways and I am sure this is another blessing in disguise..

To my other half in faraway land and all my children,I wish you Ramadhan Al Mubarak and I hope Ramadhan blessing will always be with you through out the month.I miss you all terribly and I cant help shedding a tear or two while typing this.

To all my cyber friends,salam ramadhan and selamat menyemarakkan lagi bulan yang mulia ini.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


It's 11:38 pm..
Been tossing n turning on bed
Sleep does not come easy.
Feeling rotten inside.
Wish I could just open the door and vanish in thin air..
Or dig a hole and bury myself inside.
O God ..give me all the strength
Help me like you always did in the past
Guide me on my next step
Show me the path that I should take
For this weak soul is again at a junction
Confused..uncertain..almost beaten for the umpteenth time
Once again take my hand and pull me up
So I can stand strong again
For I have no one
But YOU to turn to...
Help me GOD...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another birthday...

Happy birthday Amira @ angah.Mommy hopes that you are always happy,healthy and surrounded by good friends who can inspire you to strive for the best.
May you always be in HIS protection and guidance.Hope you have a beautiful birthday and we miss you at home...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thanks to the Armed Forces..

About 150 children of the Armed Forces were present yesterday at Auditorium Wisma Pertahanan KEMENTAH, for the Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik ATM.These SPM and PMR high achievers received a certificate and a cheque from the Ministry of Defence Dato Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Some of the photos taken during and after the ceremony,especially for daddy dearest in faraway land..
With the Minister of Defence.
Parents and recipients
Angah, Along and mommy dearest after the ceremony.Teruskan usaha kamu!
Along and other recipients
Proud parents
Meeting my once-upon -a -time collegue in Jitra Kedah
Congratulations children...remember the sky is the limit!
Dato' Seri: Ibu n Ayah mana?
Angah:Tu dia ....
Dato 'Seri :Smile and nodding his head..
Thanks for your acknowledgement towards parents Dato Seri..

Thursday, June 10, 2010



Rakyat Melaka
The sea

Chinese immigrants led by Cheng Ho
Indian dance
Portugese dance
Alfonso De Albuqurque on board
Dancing to the tune of Melaka Gemilang
Daughter Ifah in black Kadazan attire on the left.This photo is for the eyes of daddy dearest in a faraway land..

While daddy dearest was busy preparing for the UN call of duty,daughter Ifah is fully engaged with her SUKMA presentation.

The practice began somewhere in April.About 3000 students from the schools around Hang Jebat Stadium are chosen to perform during the opening and closing ceremonies.Various dances which portray the various communities and ethnics in Melaka are presented.

When daughter Ifah approached me for a permission to be one of the dancers,I was quite sceptical about it.I know the training is hard and long.I was wondering whether she could make it till the end of the event.She is not as healthy and tough as her sister and brothers,but if I denied her of the opportunity,I think I am not being fair to her.Again life is at a allow or not to allow.
If this request were to come from her brothers or sister,my immediate response would be yes..give your best performance.I always want my children to get involve in as many healthy activities as possible,try out everything so they can pick out,nurture and develop all the hidden talents in themselves.After all today's education is not solely about how well one can perform academically but how far one can develop oneself to be an all rounder individual.
So after much thought,mommy dearest decided to give her a chance, provided she eats well and takes all the supplements.

Some of the shows performed during the rehearsal

'Sultan Muzaffar Shah' being carried on a tandu
Months of practising ,from the school field to the stadium
The middle-eastern dancers.The Arabs were known as spice and herb traders.

The Chinese dance..

"Armada Cheng Ho" reached Malacca Waters during the reign of Sultan Mansor Shah.Cheng Ho presented Puteri Hang Li Po to Sultan Mansor Shah as a present from the Chinese Emperor.The royals were allowed to stay in the palace while the commoners were given land in Bukit China for their settlement. Some of them married the locals and form a community called Baba and Nyonya or China Peranakan.Until today,they assimilate well,adapt to the local culture and food and adopt Malay dressing,kebaya nyonya..
Listening to comments from Pak Ngah on the rehearsal night

Dancing in the night..such a spectacular and colorful sight!A showcase of various races and ethnic living in harmony in our Gemilang Malaysia.Daughter Ifah in black velvet Kadazan attire.

The Indian dance..The Indians came to Malacca as traders of spices and herbs during the Sultanate of Muzaffar Shah.Later they married the locals to form a Chettiar community.

The Portugese came to Malacca in the 16 th century led by Alfonso De Albuqurque.They were called Bengali Puteh by the locals.They occupied Malacca during the reign of Sultan Mahmud Shah and later was defeated by the Dutch.Now we can still find their descendants living in Kampung Portugis in Ujong Pasir.They assimilate well in the local community,practising the locals way of life..

Hopefully tonight opening ceremony will be as spectacular as the rehearsal or better.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blue beret call

After so much planning and preparing necessary documents plus receiving a few jabs, dear hubby finally left for C...last night to serve the UN.This time he will be away for a year..
Checking -in.He decided to shave bald.

Family sending him off
Good bye Sir,dear hubby,ayah,Pak ngah..hopefully you can serve well and make the country proud ...
Walking towards the gate..
Last minute reminders
Since it is school holidays,kids are back except for Along.His break starts next he doesnt get the chance to see his dad
The couple who has gone through thick and thin, rain and shine,in health and in sickness..till death do us part..

Father and daughter sharing final moments before his take off

All the best in your new venture.Continue to shoulder on whatever responsibilities that come to you ,for the country and the nation at large.
May you be under HIS protection always...and we are proud of you sir...