Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The High and Mighty Abang Seniors..

I was still drowsy when answering a mid-night phone call last night...

I thought I did not want to share this story with my blogger friends..but after giving much thought and may be some of you have brilliant suggestions on how to solve this problem,so I am giving it a go.It is not my intention to put a shame on any parties...but this is more on putting things on the right track.

Alright.. back to that mid-night call.Well, it was not a crank call or emergency call that involves a matter of life and death.It was just a call from my youngest permata who is now studying at one of MARA Junior Science Colleges in Malacca.

When I discovered the call was from him,several questions popped up on my mind...

First,what is he doing lurking around the school compound at 5 minutes to mid-night?

Second,why isn't he in bed at this hour?

Third, does the hostel have a curfew time?

Fourth, where are the wardens?

Fifth, what time is the "lights-out"?.....and the list goes on...

Normally, he would call in the evening,almost daily, to report to me on his activities.But last night he called me at 5 minutes to midnight.His voice did not get through very clearly and a few times I had to insist him to speak louder.It was as if he was hiding something and didn't want anybody to hear the conversation,as if it was supposed to be a secret call and if somebody found out he would face the music..

After urging him a few times, I finally heard him saying " Ma, Ijat kena ragging dengan abang senior...".Then the line stopped dead...

My response...First ,I am mad.If that abang senior were in front of me I would definitely squeeze him.

Second, of course I could not avoid the guilty feeling..here I was snuggling comfortably on my bed in my air-cond room while my son was still out in the night kena ragging..
Mothers...how would you feel???
I woke up several times last night thinking about my son and even the whole day today I couldnt focus on my work.And this is not his first time kena ragging...

At 2:30 pm just now he called me again to reveal the rest of the story...

After prep at 11:00pm last night ,one high and mighty abang senior stopped him and asked him to go to the cafeteria and buy nasi lemak.Why was the cafeteria still operating at that time of the night in the school compound I would not know..So, my son did as ordered.However ,instead of buying nasi lemak ,he bought nasi goreng for abang senior.Then, instead of sending the nasi goreng to abang senior himself, he asked his friend to do so..

Of course abang senior turned mad because his order was not up to his expectation.So abang senior took hold of my son and asked him to buy nasi lemak and this time using my son's money...My poor son didnt have much choice but to go and buy another one.That was why he was still up and about at almost 12: 00 mid-night...

Before he left,abang senior asked my son to see him again tonight to buy him nasi lemak using my son's money..He warned that if my son does not obey his orders,he is going to "tumbuk" my son...

So my son called me just now to ask my opinion..should he or should he not buy nasi lemak for abang senior tonight.

No...I told my son, do not buy for him and if he "tumbuk"(that was the word he used),make sure there is a witness.I am going to see how far this abang senior the great going to bully my son and the rest of the form ones...If there is a mark on his face,I definitely going to the school tomorrow.

This nonsense, stupid and good- for- nothing thing should be stopped.I thought this bully and ragging culture has stopped long time ago.

My eldest was in MRSM too, but this bully culture is never practised.Infact,he was happy through out his five-year stay in that particular MRSM.

My daughter is now in boarding school too and she never complains of anything.Infact their routine is at 11:00 pm the lights must be switched off and before they go to sleep they have to recite Surah 'Al Mulk'. No stress..and no tension..

Of course no food business operated at night.Dewan makan closed after dinner that is 8 pm...

But what is happening in my son's college is something to be questioned.This is a school,a boarding school infact.The activities of the boarders must be carefully planned,monitored and supervised by the wardens.They should not be let loose..what more to still be out at midnight.Their day-time schedule is very packed and if they are still out at mid-night how they are going to get enough sleep to be able to function the next day???

These abang seniors also shouted bodoh,bangang if what being asked is not perform well.Infact they wrote fucking dirty words too on my son's and his friend's lockers?What ...vandalism at boarding school???It must be stopped!!!

Or maybe because this particular MRSM is in an army camp..and the army culture and practices seem to influence the mood and the environment in that college, which I think is not conducive and healthy at all.

If worse comes to worse ,I might take him out from that particular college.Let's wait and see.

Mummy dearest's head is brewing now..with the car gone..and now constant disturbance from these abang seniors.

If you were my students abang seniors, you would definitely be in hot soup for giving me this headache!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keretaku dicuri...

Pagi ini kereta kesayanganku telah dicuri di tempat letak kereta di kawasan Hospital Besar Melaka.Yang peliknya ada dua tiga orang Security Guard bertugas,tetapi keretaku masih boleh dicuri.Keretaku juga mempunyai alarm dan kuncinya kena di"kiss" dulu sebelum injin boleh dihidupkan...Patutkah aku saman Syarikat Security itu atas kecuaian pekerjanya?

Dari sumber-sumber yang boleh dipercayai kereta ku telah menuju ke selatan dan telah bertukar tangan ketika ini.Oleh itu to all my blogger friends,if you see a black toyota unser with registration number MAX 9980,please make a report to the nearest police station...just in case..though I am sure the number has been changed..

Sedih dan kecewa...tetapi aku masih bersyukur atas musibah ini, kerana ianya tidak melibatkan nyawa.Hanya harta dunia yang aku boleh cari ganti...ada orang lain yang lebih teruk ditimpa musiibah..