Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It s poco poco time!

When I was forced to learn poco-poco dance ,I was like ..what??Me dancing ?
However, I was left with no choice since it is almost a must for every BAKAT member to know the steps of poco-poco.You see, should there be any occasion graced by the Queen or any VVIP or VIP and they are on the dance floor, we have to be on the dance floor too,be it poco-poco, caca or line dancing .We cannot be the spectators only especially if the function is for BAKAT.So, since poco-poco has become a trend,we must know poco-poco too.
I was ordered to learn this poco-poco by my BAKAT chairman for a special occasion in Ipoh graced by the previous Raja Permaisuri Agung.So whether I wanted it or not ,I had to make trips to BAKAT house every evening for two weeks. Not enough of that,I turned my sitting room into a dancing floor,joined by my kids and neighbours.I thought if my ankles could talk,they would have screamed for over usage.The turns and the twists were really tiring and leaving me with sores and pains for days...

Last week , after having enough of choral speaking,story telling,scrabble, my colleague suggested that we have a different activity.So, we decided to bring poco-poco dance to our school compound.News spread fast, and the whole school was eager to join.So, that evening the normal society activities had been changed to poco-poco dancing.The assembly square was turned into a dancing floor and poco-poco loud music filled the air.Even members of Taranum and Al Quran society joined in.

Getting ready..music please!

The boys ..baru nak cuba-cuba

Pn.Hjh Zuraida teaching the girls..

Top view, some are trying to get the steps..

Now,backward steps..

Athira enjoying herself...

Now , turn to the side...Ed Zuraida,Meria Mershida , the fast learners

Back to the first position

Farid the headboy,yours truly and her junior

But..the boys are still blurrrr....

Balengang pata-pata
Ngana pe goyang

Ngana pe bodi

Cuma ngana
Yang kita cinta
Cuma ngana
Yang kita sayang

Suka biking pusing ...

Dancing so energetically
You move so friskilly
Your body is so chubby
Only you that I love
Only you that I care
But you often make me dizzy....

Friday, April 24, 2009

A slice of spring in London..

The hot sticky weather lately makes me long for the four seasons which I used to experience about 25 years ago.
Of all the four , I love spring..Spring comes and the whiff of heavenly fragrances filled the air.Green shoots coming from underground bulbs ,flowers of all species blossom, patches of green green grass approaching from once ice- covered ground...Most importantly I could throw the bulky thick winter clothing in the closet and it would remain there until the next winter days.
It s April now, so it means spring time at the other side of the globe.I remember spending a few days of spring in London on my backpacking trip to Europe.I just could not stop myself from admiring the gardens in front of the English cottages.There were roses and roses and more roses,from one garden to another and they were just incredible..big ,colourful ones that you just cant stop your itchy hands from plucking them.
Spring also reminds me of the red double-decker bus in the city of London.Spring 1985,I was there,finding my way around London.Actually that was my third time being there, and that particular time I was on my way to tour Europe.I worked,I saved and I put aside my practical allowance specially for the long awaited tour.For I knew, once I was back in our Bolehland,there would be a slim chance for me to go on such a tour.It s not a classy,5-star hotel tour where butlers awaited for our arrival, but just a backpacking one where I went hoping from one youth hostel to another for bed and breakfast. I remember breakfast was always that long,hard and tasteless french bread with jams and marmalade,where I would stuff some of it into my smaller backpack for lunch before starting off for the day.
In London,luckily I had friend to venture around with.Madamme Tussaud, Harrods(just for a tour not shopping of course),Selfridges,Big Ben,Tower of London,Buckingham Palace were no longer on top of my list since I had been there on the previous trips.My intention during my two-day transit was just to rest after disembarking from Transworld Airlines and before boarding a hovercraft to get across the English Channel.So, that particular day was spent touring around the city amidst the hustle and bustle of the Londoners ,strolling lazily along Thames River stopping couple of times taking photos with guards in uniform,feeding the pigeons at Trafalgar Square ,sitting on one of the benches near the Big Ben while admiring the flowers around and the passer by and finally just lazing at Hyde Park in the crisp Spring air.We were just walking and wandering until it was almost dusk time.

Lepaking on one of the benches..

Beds of tulips and a double decker bus...

For memory..with one of the guards posted along Thames River

The Big Ben..

Realising that, we rushed to the bus-stop and only to see the red double-decker bus was about to move.This friend of mine who had been so used to life in London , sprinted for the bus without bothering the eyes around.We surely had made quite a scene..two girls tudung wrapped scurying around the town for a bus as if it was the last one on earth.Leaving with no choice,I chased after her.Of course, I wouldnt want to be left alone and got lost as I didnt know my way around.At first I thought she was definitely going to stop after a few seconds,but I misjudged her, as she was really determined to get onto the bus.Staying in London had truly made her a strong and persistent being.She kept on running after the bus for a few meters i.e until the next bus -stop before hoping onto it.Slowly, the bus came to a halt at the bus -stop, and panting for breath I finally able to catch up,mount the staircase and collapse on the nearest seat.
I was drained of energy , waiting for my heart to explode...

The two of us..sprinters of the day.Back then she was a lawyer to be..
Look at my green socks.Would I dare to wear it today???Those were the younger energetic days ..where all the crazy things were possible.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


As I was busy writing my record book for today's lesson plan this morning, I heard a beeping sound signifying a coming in message.I stopped,opened my handbag and searched for my handset lying somewhere among the junkies .Got it, I opened the inbox.Yes,there was a message and without looking at the number I read it ..

"Tuhan, ku mohon kepadaMu,sentiasalah berkati wanita ini dalam apa jua yang dia lakukan.

Janganlah pernah meninggalkan dia keseorangan kerana dia amat memerlukan cinta

kasihMu.Pimpinlah setiap langkahnya agar terhindar dari segala macam bahaya dan

kejahatan.Aku mohon semua ini kerana aku menyayangi wanita ini.Amin"

The moment I stopped at the last word,warm tears welled in my eyes..Somehow I felt so emotional and extra sensitive.I know it was very silly of me but the reaction was.. how could I say spontaneous..? Some people may take this lightly, after all it was only sms.But to me it is a doa..a wish from somebody I do not know or maybe I know but she or he prefers to remain anonymous.I could not recognize the number..it s not familiar.Whether she meant it well or not,whether it comes sincerely from the bottom of the heart or just a chain sms,it s hard for me to say.
Or may be because I was too stressful and tense these past few days and confused,intimidated,insecured,miserable,screwed up etc.So a heartwarming message like this really help to melt some of the bottled up feelings in me.So, yes..I cried..I let it go.. Lucky me, there s nobody in the staffroom at that particular time or else it could be the topic of the day.

Or was it because I just had a slight argument with somebody at school and I was excessively pressured .You see..I am being put on duty for certain programmes at school on both Friday and Saturday.So,there goes my weekends!I forwarded my suggestion,but the person in charge was not accommodating at all,instead she turned a deaf ear.Definitely my heart rebels from inside..

Or may be because I was too exhausted driving around entertaining my kids.Not to mention I had only a- day weekend last week instead of two.What more , my kids demanded too types of breakfast this morning , so I had to wake up early.My big baby wanted nasi goreng cina which is definitely a no no for his sister.Nasi is her enemy.She would sulk and cry in front of the nasi first if I force her to eat nasi early in the morning.So, I made omelet for her.Then my big baby demanded to reach his school before 7:15 am or else he would lose his sitting position in the front row.You see, the school practises first come first serve policy.Those who come first get to sit in front and he may keep the same sitting position the next day if he comes before 7:15 am. If later,he will lose the place and sit at the back.So, I was kind of rushing like mad this morning and reached his school at 7:12am.Hooray for him!

So, when I received that kind of message, I feel like somebody is watching me.She knows what I am going through and understand my feeling.

Or maybe she is not watching me at all and the message is just a chain one.But who cares..because one thing for sure the greatest ONE up there is watching me all the time.