Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mom's visit...

The beautiful campus of Western Australia University


Too old to enter classes..
I am lost..

The palm garden ..this is where the muslim students perform their Friday prayer
A visit to Freemantle to enjoy the seafood..

The boys performed their solat here..
One of the seafood restaurants..

This is what we eat..Sefood Platter

 Mother and son at Gelare

to eat this ...waffle topped with ice cream of various flavours....yummy..

City of Perth across the Swan river

On my morning walk I found this lemon tree on the front yard of a house..

Edward Street.. a peaceful neighbourhood

Son with his housemates enjoying Charcoal Chicken at Sinbad's..a restaurant run by a Lebanese


Along managed to get away from his classes on weekends.So he brought me to this park...

Shearing the sheep
The fleece..

Trying to milk the cow..hold and press..

Western Australia Christmas Tree..the trees have only one underground stem..

The cowboys called it  swinging billy..they put some tea leaves in a container of hot water an swing it 360 degrees..the tea leaves will settle at the bottom of the container and the cowboys can have a stiring, such is a simple life in the outback..

Feeding the kangaroo..the visitors were warned not to overfeed the kangaroos..

 The koalas sleep for 20 hours and wake up for four hours only for eating..The only koala we were allowed to touch.The rest should not be disturbed

With Pn Kartina , the owner of Tina's Kitchen. If you cant do without teh tarik or nasi lemak while you are in Perth ,you can always visit her restaurant at Tina's Kichen, Unit6/16, Mends St, South Perth WA. A humble and friendly lady.

Making friends...with En Faisal n family, a Phd student at Curtin University

Perth International Airport
Goodbye Along and friends...Mommy dearest will visit again May next year..


Al-Manar said...

You have waited this long to update your blog - a visit to Perth. So, although you have not been seen around, all is well by the look of it.

Memorable trails... said...

Salam Pak Cik Hassan,
He..he..he..hope all is well with you n mak cik too...

zafi said...

salamz Ramadhan Aunty,

Its nice to visit your son right?
InsyaAllah my family will come by end of this year.
Nice experience and great pictures!

Win said...

I just love seeing moms spending time with their sons and Lovely pictures Cikgu :)

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